story of my foodie photographs 

☀️When I’m in the kitchen ☀️It’s all about love. When fruit smells fill in the air, and I pour my tea.. 🍓
Okay, I’m gonna do some foodie talk..🍒

 Your body is your temple, they say, well that’s true. How you fuel it, it reacts as its fuel. How amazing creatures we are, our body absorbs and tries to equalize toxic input (which are unhealthy oils, unhealthy food etc). ✨until it breaks down we never realise we were feeding ourselves with unhealthy food. 🍏

Human body gives signals tho, you just have to understand. So I started translating these signals, then I have learned I have intolerance to gluten. 🍞🍕🌭🍜 there is gluten nearly everywhere, it scared me a lot at first. Instant Soups, instant sauces, wheat, things made with wheat, and even cornflakes! 

And then I started making gluten free recipes, to feed myself like I used to, with tasty variations. I made muffins but healthier ones. I eat bread, but it is home made and healthier. – I also like to writing on the blog sharing with you and making videos about my kitchen.🍉  

So that’s the story of my foodie photographs. My idea of eating healthier lifetime long, searching healthy recipes, discovering super foods, gathering, feeding people around me, and sharing with you🍍🍯👧🏼💛