Good Bedtime Habits

drawn by me on october for my love

When it takes so long for weekend, and in weekdays you can’t get enough sleep… you feel more and more tired and get more stressed. i feel you dear. Actually nearly 2 years ago that was me. Sleept so much on weekends and felt moody in weekdays. Felt like so many thoughts on my mind before going to sleep.. BUT ITS ALL OVER. HOW?

I have some rules to ease my body and mind before I go to bed.

1.Read a self improvement book

I like reading books about anything. They all make me see things from others eyes, gives me way of seeing how they solve or look at daily life. Reading always eases my mind

2.Look at calming photography blogs

I will write down my favorite photography blogs here just click through  III IIIIVV

When I am thinking about photographs I look at, I start saving images into my brain. I also take photographs all the time so looking at photographs improving my sight. Then I close my eyes and  visit those places.

3.Get ready for next day

Thinking about what am I gonna do next day. Probably usual things but it makes me feel busy to make a list for next day.

4.Stretch / Yoga

to ease muscles – relaxing.

5. Go to bed 30 min early

Because it would take some time to fall asleep. Going earlier is the best.

6.Wear your pjs

Well I love wearing my comfy bed clothes.

But another important thing when I wake up even I’m at home I try to not wear pjs because that makes me sleepy and snail ish by day time.

7.Remove negative thoughts

Move away cloudy thoughts if there any. You know there is never a bad thing in your life, you just make small things matter and grow bigger. Just release them.

8. Write down or think of what you are grateful for

Every night, Every morning, whenever I feel it. I remind myself what I am grateful of. I love every part of my life, atoms I have connected or connecting. Everything matters but most of all my thoughts. Thinking positive being positive <3

9. Meditate

Means, BREATHING. Breathe in, Breathe out. Never hold. Feel the air moving with your soul. While meditating try to focus on one word, a mantra, to ease your mind. I love to repeat name of things I love – nature etc- and visualize my happy place. Then I fall asleep.

Good night,