Mum’s Garden | Day #2

Welcome, That image I took is from mum’s Garden.

Lucky to be have parents living close to seaside and have little home with garden.

That idea always comforts me, It’s been almost 10 years my mum moved here ( Didim, Turkey). Then she married now living with her lovely husband and 2 boys. I visit them on holidays or on my free times. When I was going to uni I spent my summer breaks here, which were quite calming and also crazy idea. Calming part is nature and craziness is children. They go crazy when they are at age range of 2-8 years!

SO now you know where these garden photos come from and on weekends this girl comes to here, mum’s garden.

 I wanted to talk about mum’s little garden more, it is my day place. I go there with my art gears or foodie equipment. I play with food, take recipe videos, create healthy meals there. I listen my mix list made from my love there. I touch petals, butterflies, nature and feel. Flowers, grasses, fallen leaves, litle trees, birds singing.. It all inspires me. Inspires me to create something or design something. Don’t think like designing is a small idea. For me it can be anything I just feel it, I feel the vibes are coming I need to paint. I need to bake a cake thats healthy and delicious as the unhealthy ones. -Lul- Ideas roll into my brain. Then I discovered I would be happy while working if I do the thing I love the most. And It is about visual arts. These blog posts are finding my way on visual arts, healthy eating, videography and saving my life- memories especially with my love.