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Hello lovely people, I’m trying to get a routine of writing blog posts everyday. To keep track on subjects and focus more on posts because it’s important for me to explain myself clearly and create more often. I work on inspiring around, painting, drawing, editing photographs, traveling, sketching, instagramming, eating healthy and creating healthy recipes. Few years ago I have decided to make a blog but I have moved it a lot changed usernames and changed my ind a lot about what to blog about.

‘Great Waves is your name’ he patted his shoulder ‘now nothing can disturb you, you are those waves. You will sweep everything before you.

Finally I have decided my subjects to go on properly with a little help from my boyfriend. My lifestyle, eating habits, styling, love diaries with travel notes, art pieces. We shoot travel and recipe videos on YouTube together with love. His name is Mert. We are planning a lot and discovering real life lately. I have graduated from university last year and It is kind of gap year I’m deciding what to do with my carrier. Even I studied English Economics, I released I’m not that into economics. If I work hard I can be a business women but I know what is really in my heart. I need to create to be happy and living, shining. I sketch and take photographs a lot. creating and retouching makes me feel better. I mean i love what I am doing. Well, but to live you need an income or you can’t create. So I started thinking how to merge my skills and lifestyle to a job.

With time and lots of work I believe some opportunities will come up, because my motto is WORK HARD and it will payoff positively SOMEHOW.

To be honest, fashion is not my type really. But I love colors and combining colors in my life so it  goes together art and fashion together somehow. Whatever 🙂 I also want this blog to be a step to another bigger step. I want to encourage myself while encouraging people around me. There will be strength and patience quotes for daily life, I take most of my power from books, quotes, nature, art, love.

For today that’s all I can say, I will write more about day by day, I can say that was PART I

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