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Hey everyone!

We are back with our 2nd travel video. I’m gonna talk about us a little now. We are living in Istanbul and city life is just not for us. When we get sick of traffic and crowd we go for a picnic to Prince’s Islands or to Closest forests.

In this video, when we decided to go Prince Islands. We got to get in two ferries to go there. Took one and half hour or something. First we walked for 10 min to reach our favourite breakfast cafe Ada Kahvalti (link: zoma.to/r/5923367 ) If you come to Istanbul you should definitely have a breakfast there, turkish breakfasts have many variations of food at breakfast menu. It’s like brunch table, we really enjoy having long colorful breakfasts! Then we headed to cycle around the island and reach the top of the mountain to see the sunset.

So excited about this video because it’s so fresh and we used Final Cut Pro X and After Effects together this time. We made some title tricks we hope you will love it! #autumnvibes

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Stay tuned. Sending love xx
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Hey, we’re Kahvaltidansonragidelim (In english After Breakfast We Go) Mert and Cagla, we make videos of our lives and also nutritious foodie videos. Living in Istanbul, Turkey currently & in GAP year, getting ready for an Australia adventure in 2017.


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